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  Combatting poverty and malnutrition in Burundi

Our new 2016-17 project is partnering with ACNA church plants in Cuba to provide reliable transportation and a source of revenue generation to help the churches become more self-sufficient. Learn more…

 Urgent need: South Sudan famine relief

The South Sudanese are already desperately poor and struggling to survive in the midst of a three-year civil war. Now thousands face starvation because they have had to flee their homes or have been unable to plant due to the conflict. Please help us help the Church in South Sudan feed and care for those who need it most.

ARDF: What does it mean to be Anglican?

The global Anglican Communion is the 3rd largest denomination in the world. It is a close knit family deeply committed to each other and to the mission of spreading God's Good News - in word and deed - of health, hope and dignity through the transforming work of Jesus Christ.

How we can actually help the poor?

Much that is done in the name of charity hurts more than it helps and not all charities use donations as wisely as we donors could wish. Learn why ARDFC is different and how our model makes a positive and lasting difference.

ARDF: What is Dependency?

Learn how ARDFC guards against both creating dependency in aid recipients and against wasting your donations.


Transportation for ACNA church plants in Cuba

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Read our newsletter about the Cuba project and the famine in South Sudan


2015-16 – Combatting poverty and malnutrition in Burundi

2015 – Wau, South Sudan: Providing clean water

2014 – Yei, South Sudan: Building a pediatric ward for a clinic

2013 – Recife, Brazil: Training centre construction project

2012 – Peru: Helping women escape poverty

2012 – Burma: Help impoverished women achieve economic stability

2011 – Congo: Helping war refugees get reestablished

2010 – Kenya: Malaria prevention and health education project



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