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Emergency appeal: Aid for Syrian refugees ...

There are said to be close to 60-million forcibly displaced people around the world. The western world is generally oblivious to this massive human suffering. But thankfully, the heart-wrenching plight of Syrian refugees - a crisis that began in early 2011 - has finally gripped the attention of western media and governments.

In 2014, ARDFC began raising funds for Iraqi refugees. Now, with the Canadian government’s announcement of a $100-milion matching fund specifically for Syrian refugees, ARDFC has responded. We are partnering with a reputable Christian aid agency – the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) – which is working on the frontlines helping Syrian refugees in the Middle East – in Lebanon, Jordan and even within Syria itself.  Funds raised will be used for housing, health kits, food, water, trauma counselling, children’s education, clothing and winter provisions. MCC also works on peacebuilding. Aid is given to all in need without discrimination based on religion or race. The objective is to give them dignity and hope while being displaced and waiting for return to their homeland.

While the distribution of the Government of Canada’s matching funds is wholly at the government’s discretion, MCC one of the agencies eligible to receive these funds from government.

As of Christmas 2015, donors had generously given more than $23,000! Thank you!

You can donate online or through your church.

» Read MCC's June 2016 report of how it is using donations –
    including ours - to bless refugees in Syria


Please join us in praying for refugees. Cry out to God for an end to the violence that forced them to flee from their homes, for comfort for the families that have lost loved ones, and for hope for those whose lives have been shattered.

ANiC's Bishop Charlie Masters (who also serves as ARDFC chair) has called on all ANiC churches to set aside September 27 as a day for special prayer for the refugees - specifically from the Middle East, but also remembering the tens of millions of other refugees from African and Asian countries. Churches are also asked to take up a special collection for this Syrian refugee appeal.

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Urgent Relief Need: Nepal Earthquake ...

ARDFC is partnering with Anglicans in Nepal and the Diocese of Singapore to provide urgent relief to communities affected by devastating the 2015 earthquakes. Please join with us as we reflect the love of Christ in the midst of this tragedy.

28 January 2016 – Dean Lewis Lew of the Deanery of Nepal reports that, after nine months, little has changed for people in rural areas affected by the earthquakes that killed 9000. They have endured two major quakes, 466 aftershocks, harsh monsoons, and now one of the coldest winters on record – many, including thousands of Anglican church members, still living in makeshift tents and shelters.

People are dying of hypothermia; many have fallen ill. The economy is reeling from the precipitous drop-off in tourism and a politically motivated border blockade preventing the import of desperately needed supplies.
Yet in the midst of all this, the church is growing astonishingly – both as a result of miraculous healing in answer to prayer and the loving ministry of Nepalese and foreign Christians. Read the full report. And “like” the Deanery of Nepal on Facebook.

3 October 2015 – Dean Lewis Lew of the Deanery of Nepal, reports on recent medical mission trips and the encouragement of seeing the Christians' faith and enthusiastic worship.  He also says that, with the end of the monsoon season, work is beginning on rebuilding the 30 destroyed church buildings, but funding is needed for this construction.

14 June 2015 – Read a report from Nepal focused on the pastoral visit of Bishop Rennis Ponniah (Singapore), June 1-5.

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Combatting poverty and malnutrition in Burundi

  Project goal:
Donations to-date:

$36,000 (US)
$34,000 (US)

Make a donation! Help provide clean water in South Sudan or
emergency aid for Iraqi refugees



2015 – Wau, South Sudan: Providing clean water

2014 – Yei, South Sudan: Building a pediatric ward for a clinic

2013 – Recife, Brazil: Training centre construction project

2012 – Peru: Helping women escape poverty

2012 – Burma: Help impoverished women achieve economic stability

2011 – Congo: Helping war refugees get reestablished

2010 – Kenya: Malaria prevention and health education project



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